Below are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to let us know!

What is Xactimate?

Xactimate is the industry-standard estimating software of choice for 99% of insurance carriers, and can be used on multiple platforms. Almost all adjusters, whether trained on commercial or residential claims, use Xactimate as a tool to determine fair market pricing they will pay for covered damages.

These numbers reflect the current pricing for over 470 geographic regions, which are issued by Xactimate in the form of a Price List each month. Nearly 10,000 line items are included in each Price List, including costs for time and materials, labor, overhead, and equipment.

What version of Xactimate do you use?

We use the most current version of Xactimate, which as of 2018 is Version 28. 

What information is required for a Scope of Work/Estimate to be completed?

A Scope of Work will need to describe the damage to the structure or its contents, as well as what is needed to repair those damages. At its most basic level, a Scope of Work is a detailed list of all the work needed to complete an individual project so that it can be converted into an Estimate. A Scope of Work for reconstruction or mitigation should always include:

  • A floor plan, diagram, and/or dimensions of all affected rooms and areas
  • A description and amount of the damaged items
  • A list of tasks and/or labor hours needed to complete the repairs
  • Photos of the damaged areas
Will the insurance company agree to my estimate?

As the most widely used estimating software in the insurance claims industry, it is much more likely that you’ll reach an agreed-upon repair cost with your insurance adjuster. However, just because your estimate is written in Xactimate does not guarantee that it will be agreed to, especially without a few revisions. Opinions may differ in regards to damages and the necessary scope of repairs, and coverage may not always exist under the insurance policy.

It’s a good idea to contact the insurance company for questions on this matter. Every adjuster is different and we will always make sure we are billing for the maximum justifiable amount on your estimates and fight for you in order to not get lowballed or short-changed by the insurance company.

Once my order is placed, how long will it take to get my estimate?

You’ll receive your estimate from us within 24-48 hours.

How will I be billed for my estimate?

You’ll be billed as soon as the work is completed, and can pay by either check or credit card.

Can my estimate contain my logo and company information?

Yes, your estimate can be put on your own letterhead; just upload your company’s logo image and enter your business information on the Scope of Work, and we’ll do the rest.

Why should I use Xactimate estimates? Why use Xactimate over handwritten scopes?

Xactimate is what the insurance companies use, it’s the most widely understood and has become the standard in the estimating industry. By RE&B completing the estimate in Xactimate, we’re using the same software that they’re using –  think of it like speaking the same language. Plus, there’s a line in there for everything, so it’s less likely that something is left out.

Will the report look like we prepared it in-house?

It’s up to you – we can write it as a ghost writer if you wish it to look like your company wrote it; or we can do it as ourselves/our own company. If this is an estimate where we are doing the negotiation, it is generally easier if we write up the estimate as ourselves but under your company banner; however, if you are doing the negotiations, we can write it as if it were created by you or one of your project managers.

Will my estimate include my local pricing for my zip code?

Yes. Xactimate is updated monthly with a Price List for all zip codes in the United States and Canada. A Price List is a set of unit costs for labor, equipment, and materials which are based on market surveys performed in each geographical area by zip code. Your report will always be completed with the most recent Price List for your zip code.

Are revisions included with my estimate?

Yes, unlimited revisions are included in your estimate.

I’m a homeowner – can you write an estimate for me?

Yes! Call us to get more information for homeowners’ estimates.

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