Our Services

RE&B provides a number of estimating services for contractors, restoration companies, and homeowners, including the following.

Xactimate Water Mitigation Estimates

Our team will come out and estimate the extent of necessary water mitigation depending on how much demolition needs to be done, as well as the number of days the drying equipment need to run. We charge a flat fee per estimate/scope, and if the job is local, we can provide in-person estimating services.

Xactimate Reconstruction Estimates

When the demo and dryout is done, reconstruction begins. We will request post-demo photos and information regarding what materials are needed, the project’s timeline, and other documentation, and then submit an estimate for the reconstruction to the insurance adjuster.

Xactimate Fire Damage Estimates

Fire damage restoration estimates can include services such as emergency drying, protection of metals and mirrors/glass, board-up, cleaning, air filtration, and demolition. Based on our assessment of the level of damage, we’ll write up an estimate for mitigation and/or reconstruction repairs to the insurance company.

Adjuster Negotiation

Adjuster Negotiation We’ll negotiate with the insurance adjuster so you don’t have to. Once the estimate has been written up, we offer unlimited estimate revisions so you can be sure that the final estimate is 100% to your satisfaction. Most other estimate writing services limit the number of revisions, but not us!


We also write supplemental estimates, in the event that anything was missed in the initial scope or something unforeseen needed to be added later in the project. RE&B will write the supplement and send it to you for approval. Once approved, we’ll submit it to the insurance adjuster and continue following up on your behalf until it is approved.

Our goal is to get approvals for supplementals as quickly as possible, so you can maximize the value of your services and continue working without the ongoing back-and-forth with adjusters.

Billing Services

Unlike other estimating services, we offer in-house billing services to our clients. Our collection managers will follow up on your behalf with insurance companies on payment, and if a customer is local to San Diego County, we assist with check pickup to deposit directly into your account.

We’ll also be able to follow up with customers on payment. Outsourcing the collections will free up a large portion of your company’s time, especially if you’re a contractor with a small crew going job to job. The last thing you want to be worrying about is collecting money!

Instead, you can focus on running and growing your business; plus, it mitigates the need for an in-house billing manager (there are a multitude of costs associated with hiring someone in-house). Your company will save money and time by going with RE&B’s billing services.

Packout Estimates

If you are a packout/contents company, we’ve got you covered as well. With some basic information from you letting us know what materials were used and how many labor hours, we can write a maximized estimate that is accurate, fair and will make sure you are not leaving any money on the table. We charge a flat fee for Packout estimates.

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