How It Works

When your clients have unexpected damage and need you to respond right away, you can be sure we’ll be ready to write your estimate.

Below is the process for our Mitigation and Reconstruction Estimates.

The Mitigation Estimate Process

  1. You provide us with job details and we’ll charge a flat fee per scope: a tiered scale based on how many jobs we do for you per month; payment schedule can be discussed during initial consultation and is determined based on volume.
  2. We’ll add the job to our project management software, which we can give you access to in order to communicate on the job.
  3. You provide pre and post demo photos of affected rooms.
  4. We’ll complete a first draft of the estimate based on our on-site assessment or post-demo photos.
  5. A final estimate is written once the equipment is pulled and drying logs are provided. Then our billing department sends it to the insurance adjuster for review.
  6. We will make address requested revisions from the insurance adjuster and negotiate the terms on your behalf.
  7. Once the estimate is agreed upon, if you would like us to handle the billing and collections, an additional percentage will be added on to the total. Then payment is processed by our billing department on your behalf.

The Reconstruction Estimate Process

  1. Once the mitigation phase has been completed, the reconstruction begins. We require a deposit of $150 due upon receipt of reconstruction estimate.
  2. You perform a walkthrough of the job and submit jobs details including a sketch with all dimensions, photos and details on what type of line items you need in order to get the job done along with measurements/quantity/quality.
  3. Upon receipt of the photos and information, we’ll draft an estimate.
  4. We’ll send the estimate over to you, and you’ll send it to the adjuster.
  5. Once the final estimate is approved after revisions, it will be sent to the adjuster for the final payment to be processed.
  6. If you would like us to handle the insurance submission, billing and collections, an additional percentage will be added on to the total payment.
  7. Upon check collection from homeowner, you will owe us a percentage of the final collected amount. Specific terms will be discussed during consultation.

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